No to Discrimination! No to Sofitel Manila!

Find out why the luxury hotel crashes into a daily wave of Filipino Boy-cotters Worldwide.


The Reasons Why Filipinos Boycott Sofitel Manila 

For Violating Senior Citizens Rights. In this embedded video clip, Atty. Romulo B. Macalintal explains how Sofitel Manila denied him and other senior citizens their lawful 20% senior citizen discount.

For Discriminating Fellow Filipinos. Dr. Sarah Barba verbalizes her experience with Sofitel Manila, Sofitel’s staff denied entrance to her nannies in the VIP buffet area simply because they were wearing scrub suits. What made the ink of discrimination darker was the fact that there were foreigners dining in the said area wearing casual shorts.

For Intentionally Delisting UNTV from its Channel Lineup. 

Why UNTV protests against Sofitel Manila


Kuya Daniel Razon protests to Sofitel Manila’s biased move  


Kuya Daniel Razon boycotts Sofitel Manila


UNTV Boycott Campaign against Sofitel Manila


NO TO SOFITEL Campaign >>>

DON’T USE SOFITEL, if you believe in Kuya Daniel Razon


Kuya Daniel Razon calls for support to ban Sofitel Manila


Atty. Romy Macalintal’s issue against Sofitel Manila


Prejudice and Discrimination among Filipinos


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